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We elaborate a series of Unique products without comparison in the world that offer Well-being and Quality of Life in a Quick, Healthy and Natural way




Ormus Monatomic Gold: Multimineral solution extracted from the salts of ocean water.

cosmetica oro gans nanocoloidal



The frequencies of Gold, Zinc and Copper + the bioavailable minerals of Ormus.

colgante gans de oro nanocoloidal



Biomagnetic Devices with Gold, Zinc and Copper Nanoparticles.


Ormus or Monatomic Gold is a natural Super Food made with seawater from Argentine Patagonia. It is a unique product in the world that provides vitality and energy and concentrates dozens of bioavailable minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron and Zinc: essential elements for the proper development of cognitive, energetic and physical processes.

Without Tacc, Suitable Vegans, Without Sugar, Free of animal cruelty, Low in sodium, Natural.


Dabar Frecuencial integrates the secrets of Alchemy and Quantum Physics in a New Concept from which to approach Health, Well-being and Beauty. Our products, based on nanotechnology, are Biomagnetic Devices that collaborate with the natural energetic functioning of the human body.


The Ormus dates back thousands of years and comes down to us through a history of Magicians, Kings and Alchemists.

it is said that this substance has been present in the Sumerian culture, the Egyptian Empire, the Hebrew tribe of the Essenes, India and the alchemists of the Middle Ages.

the most outstanding cultures of humanity have been able to take advantage of the nutritional potential and available energy of the sea, but always in closed circles and in a reserved manner.

The Alchemists prepared this type of elixirs with the promise of obtaining longevity, health, beauty, expansion of consciousness and improving the decision-making capacity of kings and pharaohs.

Through the centuries it has received names such as “Sho-Pan”, “White Gold Pan”, “Manna from the Sea”, “Starfire”, or the unpronounceable Egyptian “Mfkzt”.

Today it is known as Ormus or Monatomic Gold and for the first time It is available to everyone who is interested in their well-being.


Ormus is WONDERFUL! I have improved my concentration, it has raised my energy in all aspects and above all I improved a lot with respect to my bone problems. Blessed is the day I met the Ormus. I take it 25 days ago.

Alejandra Ríos


I am totally surprised! As soon as I put the pendant on, the pain that I have had in my leg for years went away. They really are very good, I appreciate having met them.

María Fernanda Bruno


In my personal experience, the nutritional contribution that Ormus Patagonia makes is incredible. My energy is increasingly harmonious and balanced. It allows me to develop my multiple daily activities lightly. At the body level I feel a radical change: skin, nutrition, hair, digestive system and more.

Betina del Rosario Boggino


The Gold Cream is amazing. My skin looks years younger and feels wonderful. Some time ago I suffered a very strong burn with boiling water, I applied it and it relieved the pain immediately, but the most impressive thing was that there were no blisters or marks on the skin!

Rosana Gimenez


I was very nervous. I received the Zinc necklace, I put it on and I’ve been calm for a few days! I feel serenity. I loved!

Irina Gimenez


The Copper Gel is wonderful! It completely relieves my leg pain, it heals wounds, relieves stings and it works for everything I can think of, even when you get out of the sun. Magical!

Liliana Moral




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