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We are a company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of new technologies that incorporate the knowledge of ancient civilizations. The products we make are aimed at collaborating with the generation of a higher state of consciousness.


Improve the Quality of Life of the people who choose our products.


Be a world reference in Well-being, Integrative Health and Generation of Own Reality.


  1. Spirituality
  2. Ethics and Responsibility
  3. Social contribution
  4. Singularity


Our History

Start Up

In 2016 Joan Capart began to experiment with technological developments linked to free energy, Nikola Tesla’s patents and magnetic materials created from new theories offered by quantum physics and cutting-edge science.


These inventions were aimed at improving the energy conduction of electrical circuits, as well as harnessing, storing and using the available energy from the environment, such as static, for example. The objective was to achieve “free energy” to drive vehicles and reduce the electricity consumption of many devices.


During a summer camp at the Shobogenji Zen Temple in Córdoba, Argentina, many of the attendees were given at least one product. Mainly health pencils, creams, gels and health patches were offered, all incorporating Ormus and Gold, Zinc and Copper Nanoparticles. Amazingly, everyone who tried the various devices reported that the products helped them decrease their pain and feel better.


The first 100 half-liter bottles of Ormus are produced, after extensive work that took months of washing and filtering.

The final product was of such high quality that those first 100 bottles sold out immediately. Thus began the path that continues to be traced today by creating more and better products that help thousands of people every day.


years of success


Energetic tools for the change to start in your inner world

About Us
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Dabar Frequencial integrates the secrets of Alchemy and Quantum Physics in a New Concept from which to approach Health, Well-being and Beauty.

Our products, based on Nanotechnology, are Biomagnetic Devices that collaborate with the natural energetic functioning of the human body.

The use of these elements orders the energy of our cells, enhancing the effect that is achieved through introspection and a change of mentality.

Dabar Frecuential proposes an internal journey through the use of our Energetic Devices. You are the protagonist of its operation!



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